Artisan Rendering Add-In is a tool for generating photo realistic images from KOMPAS-3D data
quickly and easily. Artisan Rendering Add-In allows creation of high quality images of 3D models of
parts and assemblies, whilst they are still being designed in KOMPAS-3D.
Artisan Rendering Add-In uses a combination of high quality hardware OpenGL rendering for setup
and review, along with powerful, scalable CPU based rendering for high quality ray traced and global
illumination imagery.

Artisan Rendering Add-In comes fully loaded with predefined materials, lighting, environments and
backgrounds, so you can get started straight away, creating great images.

Artisan Rendering Add-In comes provides pre-configured workflows and easy-to-use applications,
using drag, drop and render styles. By using Artisan Rendering Add-In, developers not only reduce
their software development time and costs, but are also able to enhance the quality of their
software rendering by offering users a simple-to-use and intuitive application.
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